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Host your Birthday Party at McGhee's!


What little (or big) girl (or boy) wouldn't love to celebrate their birthday being the center of attention at McGhee's?


    McGhee's can make anyone's special day a day to remember! Here are just a few things we can provide:
  • Provide a safe & fun space for your celebration. This includes a backyard with a 6' privacy fence surrounding entire yard!
  • Provide a Dollhouse or Miniatures project for all attendees to do. (Project choices depend on the age and number of attendees.)
  • Backyard has a full gas grill ready to grill up lunch for everyone!
  • Full refrigerator/freezer means cake & ice cream are not a problem.
  • Without a doubt, a unique party place that no one else has done!
  • A chance to introduce your child and all guests to the wonderful world of Dollhouses / Miniatures / Scale Modeling! (You pick the term!)
  • Watch as your child become the envy of all their friends because they had the coolest party ever!


Contact McGhee's to talk about having your party with us!



McGhee's has had it's fair share of being in the spotlight! Check out where we have been seen!


Fox 2 and Chanel 11 do an amazing story about McGhee's Involvement with Fairies! on 7/17/2017

The Hunt is on for Fairy Doorsin the Shaw Neghiborhood

The Brentwood Spirit posted a Feature Article on 12/23/2013

She’s Living the Dream at Dollhouse House

The Brentwood Patch Caught Up with McGhee's Miniatures during the Christmas Season on 12/20/2012

Brentwood Business Owner Dances For Rush Hour Crowd

McGhee's Miniatures graced the front page of The North County Times When Artists Packed up to leave ArtSpace.

Packin' Up, Movin' Out

The Sunset Patch Highlighted a special upcoming event at McGhee's 11/09/2011

Former St. Louis Cardinals Chuck Diering at McGhee's Miniatures

News Channel 5 Joined McGhee's for their Special Chuck Diering event on 11/19/2011

Former Cardinal finds new passion in building dollhouses

The St. Louis Post Dispatch did a Feature Article in their LifeStyle Section on 9/11/2011

Made In St. Louis By Barbara McGhee

KSDK Featured McGhee's Miniatures on Show Me St. Louis on 7/6/2010

McGhee's Miniatures


 McGhee's is also listed with many National Groups that support Dollhouses & Miniatures and Small Business

The DMMA - Dollhouse and Miniatures Merchant Association


NAME - National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts


Brentwood Chanber of Commerce

McGhee's has stores you can order from!


These are outside links that will show some of the itmes that we can get in stock for you. There are 2 catagories



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$13.99 each 5In-7In Deciduous Tree Armature
$14.99 each 3In-5In Deciduous Tree Armature
$13.99 each 2In-3In Deciduous Tree Armature

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$7.18 each Red Blend Brick, 325Pcs
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