Builders are special people to us here at McGhee's Miniatures. Builders are our customers who have chosen to build their dollhouses or miniatures projects right here in our studio!

Check out the progress of any of our Builders.

Alexis' House

Alexis' House

Mary Beth's' House

Mary Beth's House

Alayna's House

Alayna's House

Thompson's House

Thompson's House

Lambert's' House

Lambert's House

Gabby's' House

Gabby's House

Electric Co-Op's House

Electirc Co-Op's


Mahelevich's' House

Mahelevich's House

Scott's' House

Scott's House

Mull's' House

Mull's House

Cloe's House

Cloe's House

Margo' House

Margo's House

Hinkle's House

Hinkle's House

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