The Clairmont is a versatile front opening design and can be finished as a Brownstone or Victorian.




This Kit Features:

  • Six room house
  • Milled block siding.
  • Corbels.
  • Trim.
  • Hinge .
  • Full foundation.
  • 10 Classic windows.
  • double front door.
  • The first floor extends below the sidewalk level giving an appearance of a basement apartment..
  • Easily assembled with locating tabs positioned in critical areas to ensure accuracy and extra strenght.
  • Ccomputer cut from 3/8″ cabinet grade Baltic Birch.
  • Overall dimensions are 26″ wide by 20 1/2″ deep by 37″ high. .
  • Shipping weight is 35 pounds.

Price $328.00

Or you may choice to upgrade to the Majestic Mansions windows and doors. Majestic Mansions windows & doors have pattoned 'Micro Glass.' This glass has a special molecular structure which allows it to be created very thin.

The Majestic Mansion Components Include:

  • 10 718-WO
  • 1 810-NWN

Upgraded Kit: $649.80

McAllister Carved Single Window White  Penniman Carved Double Door Stained

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