• Original House
  • House Rooms Numbered
  • House Plan - 3 Room Attic
  • Hard Hat Area!
  • Looking sharp!
  • I think we need dormer windows!
  • That means cutting through the roof!
  • But we already shingled the roof!
  • But dormers would look so nice!
  • All right, here are your holes!
  • Now to restore the front porch.
  • I think fancy multi-color posts are required!
  • There sure are a lot of pieces to the porch.
  • Now to start work on the inside.
  • So many floors to choice from!
  • Now to find wallpapers to go with the floors.
  • She really gets into her work!
  • So many choices!
  • I think I want a new door!
  • What? That means cutting a bigger hole!
  • Alright, I cut that hole too!
  • Does she need any other major replacements?!?
  • All work and no play....
  • I think I'm getting this!
  • YaHooo. Check me out!
  • Back to work.
  • House Progress 12-23-2011
  • House Progress 12-23-2011
  • See the holes for the dormers?
  • So I decided I HAD to have a bay window!
  • I knew these software books were good for something!
  • Back to working on the porch.
  • 'Jigs' made from Legos!
  • Man, I love her Dremel!
  • Managed to keep my nails nice through it all.
  • Aiming for just the right spot.
  • So what do you think?
  • Lining up the Balusters.
  • OK. Decided on new Balusters!
  • Check out the incredible paint job!
  • Still waiting for those dormers!
  • House Progress 1-8-2012
  • What the heck is on your porch roof?
  • Just clamping the roof for a good fit!
  • Not a method you see in real house building!
  • Now to pick out accent paints & fabrics for the inside.
  • How about this combination?
  • As you can see, I'm big into accenting!
  • I like the blue with the green.
  • This is one CLASSY kitchen!
  • I'm leaning towards the white/marron for here.
  • I'm telling you, this is so small!
  • Have to have matching pillows!
  • Doing the exterior stone work.
  • Completed inside of house!
  • Completed - Living Room!
  • Completed - Dining Room!
  • Completed - Kid's Bedroom!
  • Completed - Master Bedroom!
  • Hey, who's outside the front door???
  • Check out the chairrail in this room!
  • It's Birthday Day!
  • Have to have a big pink bow!
  • And a big blue bow too!
  • Finial touches!
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Here is the progress of the Lambert House!

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