The Ultimate Dollhouse. All of your favorite dolls can live like royalty! The first floor has a very large kitchen, large enough to prepare for a royal banquet, a Butler’s pantry, Wine Cellar and a hallway to the help’s quarters. The quarters consist of a full bath, palace office and bedroom. From the kitchen a stairway leads up to the main floor and the dining room. Three other large areas plus foyer complete the main floor. The center main floor foyer is open to the third floor ceiling which is a perfect location for a large crystal chandelier. A Bespaq Grand stairway leads up to the Gentleman and Lady’s living quarters. The Gentleman’s side consist of the palace vault, library and bedroom. A private interior walkway connects the Gentleman’s bedroom to the Lady’s bedroom. A full bathroom and nursery complete the third floor.





This kit feature:

  • Nnineteen room
  • Full foundation
  • Bespaq Grand Staircase
  • Four fluted columns with capitals and bases
  • Corner quoin
  • Engraved Victorian panel
  • Milled in block siding
  • Interior and exterior stairs
  • Dual side access
  • Tab locators for easy and accurate construction.
  • The Palace is computer cut from 3/8″ cabinet grade Baltic Birch.
  • Overall dimensions are 29″ wide by 45 1/2″ deep by 36 1/2″ high.
  • Shipping weight is 81 pounds.

Price $998.00

A Majestic Mansion window and door package is available, consisting of ten windows, a single door plus, a Pollinade double French Door and a Pollinade Craved Double door for $656.(This is addition to the house price.)



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