The Westlake is a versatile design which can be finished as a Victorian Home or vacation cottage.




This Kit Features:

  • This kit is side opening.
  • 7 room house
  • Milled clapboard siding
  • Porch posts and trim
  • Full foundation
  • 5 pre-assembled Classic windows
  • French door
  • Exterior door with pane
  • Pre-assembled interior steps
  • Pre-assembled exterior steps
  • Interior and exterior steps have been designed to maximized usable space inside the house.
  • Easily assembled . Locating tabs are positioned in critical areas to ensure accurate construction and extra strenght
  • Computer cut from 3/8″ cabinet grade Baltic Birch.
  • Overall deminsions are 15″ wide by 25 3/4″ deep by 32″ high
  • Shipping weight is 28 pounds
  • Shingles and third floor porch railing not included.

Price $338.00

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