Every town has a group of Main Street Shoppes. Now you can be the proprietor of your own miniature showcase. Two separate different shops on the main level with a center staircase leading to an apartment or two offices upstairs.



This Kit Features:

  • 10 Rooms
  • Dual side access, perfect for multiple children to play with together
  • Full foundation
  • Pre-assembled interior stairs
  • 9 Pre-assembled Classic windows
  • 3 Pre-assembled exterior doors
  • Exterior trim package
  • Milled clapboard siding on one shop
  • The other shop allows you to finish in your choice of stucco, or other finish
  • Easy construction with tab locators for easy and accurate construction
  • Computer cut from 3/8″ cabinet grade Baltic Birch
  • Overall dimensions are 26″ wide by 27″ deep by 27″ High
  • Shipping weight is 34 pounds

Price $336.00

Or you may choice to upgrade to the Majestic Mansions windows and doors. Majestic Mansions windows & doors have pattoned 'Micro Glass.' This glass has a special molecular structure which allows it to be created very thin.

The Majestic Mansion Components Include:

  • 3 706WND
  • 1 707WND
  • 1 802NWN
  • 2 704WOP
  • 2 702WOP
  • 1 703WOP
  • 2 802WO

Upgraded Kit: $576.30

Westfield Decorated Single Window Stained  Westfield Decorated DoubleWindow Stained  Stanford Door Stained

Atherton Plain Single Window White  Newport Plain Single Window White  Newport Plain DoubleWindow White  Stanford Door White

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